Sweet Shop on the Shore

Kate Corkery

‘Sweet Shop on The Shore’ is an autobiographical Storytelling performance by Kate Corkery. Originally commissioned for the 21st Festival at the Edge, it was later awarded ‘Outstanding Storytelling Performance of 2012’ by The British Awards for Storytelling Excellence.

When are we old enough to know better? How strong is a piece of string? Is seven really the age of reason when we distinguish right from wrong, good from bad and true from false?

In a village by the shores of Cork Harbour an only child struggles to make sense of the world. As the River Lee ebbs and flows nearby, regular customers come and go to her mother’s small sweet shop at the heart of the community. Stories they share linger in her imagination and grow a life of their own.

This is a tale of tide and time, a passage through shadows inspired by childhood in a colorful Irish fishing community, brought to life by a master storyteller.

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